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In 1956, six families in this rural community in Kingston, Missouri, joined together to form the fourth congregation in this small town of approximately 280.  Recently led by professors and ministerial students from the Nazarene theological Seminary in Kansas City, these families were inspired and challenged to a higher level of Christian commitment and outreach, and a deeper exploration into the Word of God.  By faith these six families formed a new congregation and built a new Church with a towering spire.


In 1971, again by faith, this congregation of now over 100 members - bursting at the seams and suffering from congested worship services - committed to expand upon their faith to build a new sanctuary seating 250.


In June of 2005, due to an unknown cause, the church building caught fire and burned to the foundation.  The massive beams constructed in on of the member’s barn - the stained glass windows designed by church members - piano, organ and pews,  all were gone.


But faith and vision remain.  This congregation has rebuilt and is committed to serving this expanded rural community.  For God’s continued love and guidance, we give thanks.  We are excited to see where he leads us.  There is an open seat, smiling faces, and handshakes waiting to greet you!!


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